Marina Rakopyan 2016 Recipient of the Arya Laghaie Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Scholarship

The Arya Laghaie Native American Foundation is pleased to announce Marina Rakopyan as the 2016 recipient of the Arya Laghaie Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Scholarship. Established at the St. Thomas University School of Law, since 2008 this scholarship has been annually awarded to a graduate student in the Master of Laws Program in Intercultural Human Rights, on the basis of a competitive essay or proof of service to indigenous communities. Ms. Rakopyan’s essay has been about the Roma people, who are considered to be the largest indigenous group in Europe. She describes their culture and way of life, and the challenges and discrimination that they have faced over time, while concluding with a note of hope about their future. The Foundation also expresses its deepest appreciation to all the donors who have provided support for the scholarship fund.